I took other photos of this bird slightly more to my right. From this location I was more square to the pile poking out of the river and had what i thought was a nicer zig zag pattern of bird, perch and reflection. I could not get the darn bird to look up!
So I moved closer and even then shuffling of feet and talking did not work. A dog walking by got a bit more attention.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
R5, 500mm + 1.4 Ext., f/8, 1/500, ISO3200 Full frame. I decided to leave the grass stem.

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Resting cormorants are interesting and I like the subdued quality of this shot - the overcast light and the reflection in the water doesn’t scream energy. Nicely done and I’m glad it moved its head eventually. Not sure how I feel about the piece of weed across the post…could go either way. Is it a nice detail or a distraction? So subjective.

You have very strong graphic lines in this image, David. The head turn doesn’t bother me as it looks very pensive this way. You might consider brightening the blue eye just a tiny bit. It’s an excellent image.

Really good job on the detail setting, pose, and exposure. Needs to be seen large to get the detail in the water.

Typical perch-pose of Cormorants and I love this scene. Your story is nice to read as well :slight_smile: … For me it works just fine ! Cheers, Hans

Hi David
This pose looks vary natural for a Cormorant, great detail and framing.

Excellent, with wonderful detail in the bird! (Don’t you love that camera and lens!) Maybe just me, but I think adding a bit more on the left would be good.

Thanks everyone for the comments.
And yes @Diane_Miller , the camera and I are best buddies. I leave the house now with the doubler on.