Coyote Kits Play Time

Went to this wildlife sanctuary on a hunch that these coyotes might show up - any boy they did - An hour of pure entertainment!

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything really

Is the background too busy ?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D6 with the 180-400 + 1:4 TC

F8, 1/1250 secs, ISO 800

Cropped a bit - wish I had taken my 600 with the TC

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Karl, the pups playing and mom’s tongue out are fine touches. I wish that the coyote’s weren’t so centered, but I also recognize that your position and their positions may not have given you much choice, plus mom’s extended paw creates a composition challenge also. Getting to watching and photograph something like this is a real treat.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver
I do have real estate all around. I too dont like to put things in the center. Where would you suggest I put the coyotes ?
And thinking of that Dad’s paw - it is an issue - fortunately I have plenty to choose from!