CPL shadows in the sky

Hi all.

I’m a fan of the wide shot and so often get caught with shadows in the corners of my images (usually in the sky) when using a circular polarising lens on my 16-35mm at anything wider than 24mm.

I hope that some of you would share your post processing methods of dealing with this or point me to a solution.



Hi, Mark - simply clone them out, or us PS generative fill to fill in the areas.

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If it’s in the corners only did you try PS > Filter > Lens Correction > Custom > Vignette > Lighten

The above are both much simpler solutions compared to what I was doing! Much appreciated.

I was adapting a technique of Sean Bagshaw’s which I’ve found worked pretty well but I was seldom 100% happy with the outcome.

Sandy, I found generative fill pretty good once I got some sensible text into the prompt box. I’m not thrilled with the concept though as it seems like cheating or maybe “not my own work”?

Paul, I can see how this would work but the dark areas are not evenly spaced in the corners of course. I will have to work on some methodology for dealing with that.

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