I’m working on this image I captured the other day and would love some feedback

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m not sure if the composition works, I’m not sure if it’s too hazy & I think there’s more that can be done to bring the focus towards the sunrise but I’m not sure what

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

What a beatiful sunrise! For me the sunlit cliffs to the left are very important. Mayby these could be high-lighted by cropping a little bit on the right side and even sacrifice the sunlit cliff at the FG by crop away the first row of cliffs in the FG. Maybe also some dehaze could increase the impact (a matter of personal taste!)

maybe I’m more easily pleased that most people but the image looks fine on my computer. It could possibly use a little dehaze around the middle section, but I would be satisfied with it as is. I think sometimes we try to overthink and over process. JMHO


I agree with @Michael_Lowe that this is a great image as presented, and I agree with @Ola_Jovall that the sunlit cliffs are very important. His suggestion of cropping a bit on the right side and sacrifice the sunlit cliff in the FG (painful) will probably pull your eye more towards the sunrise.
It’s for you to decide :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great image, you made the most of these epic conditions. I don’t think overall that it’s too hazy, this looks very natural to me for what happens when you get surf spray in the air. The further you get away from the foreground the hazier it should look. The one spot that looks a bit too hazy are the sunlit rocks on the left, and that’s only because that they are so close to the dark rock that is not hazy. The big rock cliff on the right (which is further away), and the top/middle center of the image look great. I would add some clarity or dehaze to the sunlit rock on the left.

If you want more focus on the sunrise, I would prefer to add some vignetting to the two lower corners, rather than trying to crop away from the bottom. I like your composition as originally presented, I think it is well balanced, and I like the water flow in the LRC. Color and WB is very subjective, my personal preference would be to make the shadowed water slightly less cool. I know you were trying to go for some warm/cool color contrast, and I think your image does work as presented. But slightly warming the water (or de-saturating their blues) might help focus more attention on the sunrise as well.

Here is a rework where I have illustrated my comments.

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Honestly, I think you are over thinking this. You have an incredible image as presented. I really like the foreground rock with the warm light on it and cropping it away as @Han_Schutten did does work if you want to pull the viewer more toward the sunrise but I really don’t think you need to pull the viewers eye more toward the sunrise. This is really well balanced as presented. I want to look at the cliff face glow on the left and rushing water in the foreground and the sun rays casting light across the entire scene. The sunrise is as it should be and no more I think. Balance is more important and you have attained a really nice balance without one thing overpower everything else. This is a very unifying image and it looks very real. I do like what @Ed_McGuirk did to warm the water ever so slightly to make this even more cohesive but I think you are overthinking this. This is so beautiful Dale.

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