Red sunrise

I’ve been putting this together & would love some feedback.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

  • I THINK there’s some haloing around the mountain but not 100% sure
  • How do the colours look? (I’ve been trying to bring down the saturation)
  • The composition I was going for brings the eye from left to right with the cliff mimicking the water in the foreground. Does it work?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

go for it

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

The original image was blown out so I added in a sky taken separately a couple of minutes after the first shot. Photoshop to stitch → camera raw for all the adjustments

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I like the concept of this image with the diagonal flow and the light filling the void.

I can’t see hallowing in the sky but there is signs of dodging on the top of the cliff.

It appears to me that you’ve used some colour dodging for the sunspot and I like the dreamy glow effect. If this image were mine I’d try lowering the opacity of that layer a touch and filter the effect out of the deep shadows to give the effect a natural look. For example the rocs on the right hand side ae facing away from the light source and are in deep shadow. I’d filter out the warm light there using either blend if or a luminosity mask.


@Dale_Gribble This image captures a magical moment. Really like the soft lighting effect you achieved and the colors are great.

Did you use exposure blending for this scene? The dodged-looking cliff tops might be an imperfect mask on the sky exposure that could be touched up perhaps. Just throwing this out there. Not completely sure depending on your process.

Depending on your style, I would bring out more of the blue (juice the lightness of the blues keeping the saturation low since you mentioned low saturation was the goal) in the wave caps and dodge the white tips a bit more. The three caps in the foreground are amazing leading lines into the sunset.

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