Morning Burn

Went on a trip last year & captured this sunrise one of the mornings. It was really nice to see the sun rising over the list and even nicer when I found waves hitting a rock.

The idea for the composition was to align the sun just above the rock as a wave crashed. The sky was in a cross-hatch pattern so I tried aligning the centre of that with the centre of the frame. For the foreground, I tried to use the direct of the sharp rocks as a leading line as well as the sun hitting from the bottom left to the centre of the frame.

Specific Feedback Requested

This was a pretty quick edit & I was wondering a couple of things

How do the colours look & is the orange around the sun too dark/saturated?

How does the composition look & is there anything I can remove or add to help it

Any other comments are appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
3 images to give me the dynamic range, brought into lightroom and photoshop

My immediate reaction was: Turner! For my eye, that sun, sky and the crashing wave really make this. I do like the sunlight on the rocks and appreciate your careful alignment -but I’d like to see this with at least 15% of the bottom cropped off so we can revel in the glorious top half more. See what others think - it’s almost a superb shot for me.

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Colors are always subjective, but I like this as presented, maybe just a touch less on the darkness in the sky. I do like the composition and the light leading to the sunrise. I agree with @Mike_Friel that a slight crop of some of the darker less interesting rock off the bottom might be an improvement.
The best part of this image for me is the wonderful mood created by the diffused light in the surf! Well done!

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Hi Dale, this is a gorgeous image and well-timed too. Combination of early morning light and fog (or steam!) really create a mood. Colors look fine to me…not overdone, and I’m enjoying the wispy clouds stretching themselves overhead. I don’t know if I’d crop up from the bottom…love rocks, especially as a foreground item, and you caught a nice leading line on the high spots, which would be a shame to lose.

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