Crask Inn Birch Copse

Crask Inn, Sutherland, Scotland

Just outside the Crask Inn between Lairg and Altnaharra on the Tongue road north is a wee farm steading complete with open fields and a mountain view. In the middle of the field is a cluster of birches forming a small copse and I would pretty much guarantee that at any other time of year you might just give the peaks beyond an admiring glance and carry straight on by. I skidded to a halt and drank in this sumptuous scene with snow dusted sheep, mist, white mountains, white fields laden with deep snow, all bathed in rich afternoon golden sunlight. It was simply stunning and I felt the need to convey this vast scene with a panoramic format to encapsulate the mountains beyond.

Fuji GFX50S 4 shot panoramic stitch using Photomerge PS CS5. GF 100 -200 zoom.

I like this image a lot. It is very evocative. At first I thought the lone birch on the right was distracting, but after a bit I came to realize that it and the puffy cloud on the right help balance the image. In fact, to balance it a bit more I suggest cropping just a bit off the left edge.

Beautiful, Ian. A very peaceful winter scene. I really like the comp. The pasture area nicely balances out the lone tree and it all comes together quite well. No suggestions here, just enjoying the image quite a bit.

This is simply spectacular Ian. I love winter light like this as a storm starts to clear out. Great use of a pano here, there is something of interest across the entire frame. These are very special conditions and light, thank you for sharing this with us.