Critique please: NM Petroglyphs Sunset

Photo taken near petroglyphs in NM around sunset.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback is appreciated. I’m particularly trying to get better at composition and post-processing. This is my first photo posted for critique.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Again, any feedback is appreciated. I don’t get out to shoot as often as I’d like but want to improve in all aspects.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use my tripod on this one, so I had to shoot handheld while losing light. That made me feel the need to use the following settings on my Sony A7RIII:

ISO 1600
16mm (used 16-35 f4)

Post-processed in Lightroom mostly with some Photoshop.

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First of all, welcome to NPN. I do hope that you find this site to be as you had hoped. I for one have learned so much from the critiques offered here, and from viewing so many wonderful images that challenged me even more in my own photography. Second, I will say that I am not as well versed in landscape photography as I would like to be, mainly because I just don’t get out as much around beautiful scenery. With that said, take whatever advice I might offer carefully, and listen to the rest of them. This is one beautiful scene, and I don’t blame you for trying at handheld if the tripod wasn’t available. I think you did a very good job. That sky is gorgeous, and I love the rock with the petroglyphs as the foreground. The background horizon looks slightly tilted down to the left (needs rotating clockwise slightly), I think, that is how it looks to me. Wait and see what others have to say about it. Nicely captured and presented. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your images here at NPN.

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Both comp and processing look just fine to me. I really like the dark, bluish foreground with the lighter petroglyph providing the focal point. This balances very nicely with the light show happening in the sky. Good job with a handheld image.

Welcome to NPN, Abuko! I like the composition in this image. The light is also stunning. One point of critique is that the composition is a bit tight on the left hand side of the frame. By that I just mean that the rock is very tight against the edge of the frame. Of course there might have been distracting elements that you were trying to avoid as well.

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It;s a great petroglyph and a wonderful sky. Not sure you could do better. I lived very close to some awesome petroglyphs and never got a shot that I really liked. I do agree with Daniel, that the the fore rock is a bit tight, but not a deal breaker. I like this a lot, Well done. Welcome to NPN, looking forward to more.