current, 2023

Critique Style Requested: In-depth

The photographer has shared comprehensive information about their intent and creative vision for this image. Please examine the details and offer feedback on how they can most effectively realize their vision.

Self Critique

I like the triangular composition of leaves, the red colors, the refracted light of the ripples on the leaves

Creative direction

I am looking to keep the viewers eye moving throughout the composition and to convey a bit of mystery about the circumstance of the leaves being underwater.

Specific Feedback

Aesthetic: comments on color, lighting and composition are welcome.
Technical: many of the leaves if not all are slightly blurry due to being underwater and moving. Does that make the image unacceptable or does it work because they are underwater?

Technical Details

Handheld at capture. Processed in Lightroom.

Basic panel:

EXIF data:


On a holiday vacation to Santa Fe, I spent some time photographing a decorative fountain within a courtyard, including these point settia leaves that had fallen into the water.

Very nice, and quite unique! I love the colors, the leaf shapes and the golden light created by the ripples. I think it could be vert effective if the sections of the grate or whatever it is, on the right, went black – that would add to the mystery, which the subject deserves.

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@Diane_Miller Glad you mentioned the grate. I was wondering if going dark on that would be acceptable to anyone else. Thanks for voicing it and for your other comments.

Matt, I too like the image, red color with the nice light. I agree about taking out the grate or mesh - black might be good or maybe toy with a reddish or tan color that works with the leaves. Also, how about opening some of the shadow in the upper left while still keeping the viewers eye from drifting to the ULC.?
Lovely image.

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Quite cool. The clarity and magnification of the water is really crisp and silky. The lines of light and the curves of the leaves are quite mesmerizing. I really like the harmonious colors, too. There is so much subtle shading going on. Too bad about the grate, but really well seen.

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@Larry_Greenbaum @_Kris Thank you for your comments. I’m gratified you like it so far and think it has some merit, especially with just a bit more work. Sometimes I just can’t tell if I’m the only one who thinks a subject is worth photographing, but give me water and I’ll give it my best.

Matt: A really nice find and a very pleasing image. I painted over the mesh and think it does help but the basic concept and result is very nice. :+1: :+1:>=))>

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Yep, that is a good rework. I’m pleased this image is resonating with others and thank you for showing me that it is worth my time to edit further.

This is lovely and well worth your time!! Making the grate disappear is very easy.

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