This daffodil caught my eye - and my nose, as it has a fine scent - during a visit 2 days ago to a beautiful garden on Namhae Island, S. Korea .

Specific Feedback Requested

Taken in the early evening light, in order to avoid the yellows being overpowering. Maybe the BG needs to be blurred more, though I like the shape of the blades.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm macro f9 1/1250 ISO 320 + Tripod

8 shots stacked in Zerene. Cropped a little for composition, Topaz Denoise, and minor adjustments to Highlights in PS.

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oooh that’s a beauty. The way the petals fold into each other is really wonderful. The orange bits do so much to give it depth. I wish we had Smell-o-Vision! The background looks a bit busy and bright and … did you take the saturation down? It looks it. You could blur it more if you wanted and I think that would be nice. Tough lighting conditions for sure, but a beauty.

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Thanks, @Kris_Smith - I did darken some of the leaves, but I think I’ll leave them as is, as they are such a part of that plant.

Nice flower. I think a diffuser would make an improvement in the quality of light. Coming in closer is a way to keep the background from being distracting. Darkening it is another option.

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