Daffodil in Profile

This was taken inside on a black table. with light from the window. For the first time, I used in-camera stacking.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Olympus OMD E-MI Mark II. 12-100 lens at 50mm, f/9.0, 1/4 sec ISO 200.


This is scintillating! The colour contrasts are very impressive, the orange centre outstanding. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh Wow! The lighting and depth control is stunning. Congratulations on a beautiful image.

Beautiful, Ann. Colors and lighting couldn’t be better, IMHO. Your stacking of this daffodil worked out very well. Very nicely seen and captured>

Great first stack! The color is wonderful!

Very nice light and shadow. And I like the flower’s “gesture”. Not just a pretty flower (to me) but one with “feeling” as well. I would be inclined to take multiple exposures (perhaps you did) from slightly different angles and with varying amounts of “negative space” up and to the right. As in portraiture, it’s hard to know which pose will yield the expression that really grabs you.

@Mike_Friel , @Patricia_Brundage , @linda_mellor , @Kathy_Snead and @Rick_Alway : Thank you all for commenting on my photo! It is helpful to know what each of you see in the photo. Yes, Rick, I do take many shots from all angles and lighting. This one just stood out for the vertical posture and lit up orange center…just what I was after.

Wow! Beautiful image! Lighting is excellent with great colors and contrast. Stacking done very well. I like the composition as well. The dark background bring up the flower well.

I haven’t played too much with in-camera stacking in my Lumix, but I like the result here. And the angle you chose to show us is a good one. The structure of these flowers is such a wonder.

Ann Louise: Simply marvelous lighting of a beautiful subject. Most excellent. >=))>

@ravi , @Kris_Smith , @Bill_Fach : I appreciate all of your comments on my daffodil photo. It is great to know what you see in the photo.

Ann Louise, Love this rendition of the flower, the dark background makes a good showcase for the subject, great lighting, sharp and overall, a great picture. Congratulations.

@johnwayne : Thanks, John, for giving me your thoughts! Sometimes, once shot stands out from all the rest in a shoot.

Perfectly lit. I like this one as presented. Well done…Jim

@Jim_Zablotny , Thanks for taking the time to comment. I plan to make a print of this one!

The comp and light here really makes this special. This looks like a portrait in many ways.

@Tony_Kuyper : Thanks for your comments. I am very pleased with this and I appreciate all the feedback.