It’s raining and chilly. The perfect day to do some sorting and editing.

Even though it’s late October, there are still leaves on the trees in western Pennsylvania; I’m already longing for spring. The longing keeps bringing me back to the vernal wild and cultivated flowers.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
The white background is a lightbox with a flash. Additional flash from the front. ISO 250, f22, 105 mm prime lens.

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Wow that is really cool and just shouts spring. Trees are pretty much bare here and we’ve had a couple of hard frosts. No snow yet, but it isn’t unheard of.

Did you shoot straight down for this or somehow hold all the individual flowers into place? It looks so even and as if they are at different angles. Compositionally it works and looks like you put some work into it. Some of the yellow petals look a little hot to me. I know it’s an issue for you so I thought I’d mention it.

@Kris_Smith Please don’t use the “s” word.

We usually try to get as close to the equator as possible around this time, but again, not this year.

Here’s the uncooked original.

The bouquet was in a water glass. Once I made all the adjustments, I used Photoshop to erase the stems below and between the flowers, and I enlarged to the pixel level and very carefully trimmed off the stems.

Occasionally I trim stems, altering the graphics and highlighting the blooms.

Yup, the yellows are probably too hot in the version I posted.

The file is a .tiff with Adobe Pro color space Adobe Pro. Most of these images are for prints on a variety of matt fine art papers. There are color and intensity shifts when they go to sRGB, and I’m too lazy to make adjustments.

I can get the colors to what I want for prints by using the color meter app, and my wife checks the photos under controlled light. Once she is comfortable with the color, I go back to the final version, use the color meter and Lightroom to make notes of what is best for each paper.

Again, thanks for your comments.

Beautiful Paul! Such nice details with the daffodils. It’s the rainy season now for us. I’d much rather have snow than rain. It makes things look so bright and cheery. The white background really brings out the delicateness of the yellow flowers.

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I love the back lighting on this image. Excellent detail and I like the comp. Removing the stems creates an interesting and pleasing effect - I’ll have to try that myself.

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That is really a beautiful image. And thanks for the note about your processing on this.

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Thank you all.

It’s unusual for me to do that much alteration of an image - erasing the stems - but there are times that I feel that the flowers need lots of room and be singularly dominant.

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