Daisy Twist

I had a really good time with multiple exposure and daisies. Super. Summery. Silly ! :wink:

This does look like a fun shot, Ingrid! My first thought when I saw it was an egg, sitting in the middle of more eggs that someone has started to stir. Very creative. I like the repeated swirls of the Daisy.

Hi Ingrid,
It’s nice to see some experimentation on NPN and this one is very pleasing. Very summery indeed.

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Hi Ingrid
I love this and I agree with Kathy- nice to see this kind of experimentation.

Thank you Shirley, it was indeed great fun shooting this type of images.

Thank you Kathy, I had a bit of a creative week when I was shooting this, so there’s more coming if you like :grin:

Thank you for your appreciation, Kathy!

If that’s silly , I’m ridicules. I see intent and success.
TY for the post…

I guess you’re right, Steven :wink: Thanks for your appreciation!

Ingrid: Superbly conceived and executed. A most excellent result.:+1::+1:>=))>