What technical feedback would you like if any? Is there a better way to highlight a specific point of color in a fairly monotone image background?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Would you have gone with more/less color in the eyes or maybe a different one (more green/emerald?)

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D500, 1/1000 sec at f/5.6, ISO 800, 400mm; Trying the Nikon 80-400 mm lens f4.5-5.6 today). Went with faster speed to freeze the water movement - knowing that the ISO would be greater than I wanted.
(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn). I am using Lightroom Classic…
Image is cropped about 30% to get the spotlight from right corner diagonal to cross the eyes. The Crocodile was swimming in the shade and everything was a murky muddy green/brown.
I wanted to do B&W - but I did not get the results anticipated. I then went to the HSL/Color section in LR and under saturation and took most all colors down to -100 except orange and yellow and a touch of green. This almost got me to where I wanted - but it also bleached out the eye color - so I used the adjustment brush and “added” the color back into the eye and the reflection.

Thank you for any feedback!

***I got a heads up on the new version Topaz Studio 2. Used it to Clear up the noise, and to fine tune the colors. It also had a feature to extra sharpen… Thought you might be interested is seeing the difference between the LR Classic post processing and the Topaz Studio 2. I think this version has a much more “Dangerous” feel to it…
(Thank you @Chuck_Gangas for the info)

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Might be an interesting idea for you. but since it’s cropped to 30%, I think you’re going to far, needs more space all around, especially left side. First fundamental rule I always practice to make the environment part of the image. This is far too cramped for my tastes.

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EJ, apart from what @Bill_Leggett mentioned about the crop, I think you have done well with the color of the water. I think the color o the eye is fine, too. I have not seen these guys in this kind of situation myself, so I can’t comment on the color accuracy. I do find the ripple on the lower left corner distracting. I would consider cloning it out and if it were mine, I would consider cleaning up at least some if not most of the water bubbles as well.

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Excellent sharpness and I love the dark colored water. I agree with the other suggestions about the cropping being too tight and also the cloning of the bubbles. I downloaded the image and cloned the bubbles and I think it helped a bunch.

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Unfortuately the 30% cropped was on the RIGHT side and below. The angle I was shooting prevented me for getting more clear water on the left. It was cropped to keep it as clean and simple as possible.

If I had moved to another area, I would have lost the light.

It does look better… Thanks!

Agree with the comments about tight crop, I find the ripples around nose and head very interesting and would have preferred to see more of them.
Bill did a nice job on cloning the bright white spots.

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Here, the part above water maybe has to much contrast., it looks sharp with not much detail.
I like the selective color Idea.

Does a 30% crop mean I am seeing 30% of the original file? or 30% has been removed. I never know.
TY for post

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Too bad about the framing, EJ. I’ve missed on framing more often than I care to admit. I will say that the water is exceptionally clear, and @Bill_Chambers did a good job cleaning up the bubbles.

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I love the colors in this - they look realistic. I’ll be the odd woman out here, and say that I loved the bubbles! My first impression was that the gator (or crocodile?) was swimming in space - the bubbles looked like stars.

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30% removed… 70% of photo remains; removed the right side and lower portions which did not add anything to the photo.

Congratulations Ej on an excellent capture. Love the composition and post processing effect. Very well deserved!