Dark and Stormy Morning

I was on holidays on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. It was cold and windy with squalls of rain. Not exactly the typical tropical holiday. I waited for the rain to ease and was able to to grab this shot.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback would be welcome.

Technical Details

Widelux film camera. The film was Kodak and I scanned the negatives and processed in LR and PS

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This is a pretty contrasty image. That does accentuate the sunlight bursting through the clouds and reflecting off the water. I think that’s what you’re after. I also like the arcs in the water that duplicated by the land. I would crop some of the right and remove the balcony. I might also raise the very darks in the plant life that’s close.

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Technical Details

Widelux film camera. The film was Kodak and I scanned the negatives and processed in LR and PS

[/ Hi David. That is a stormy ominous looking shot. Feels very intense. I’m looking at it on a phone and I always wish there was some way to get a really good view of a wide panoramic image on the phone. I’d like to see it blown up on a wall. There is a dilemma to the shot. The arc of the water seems complete the way you have composed it, but I find the tree and the structure on the right to be distracting. Don’t know if cropping them out would change the overall composition too much to be worth it.

Thanks Camera & Igor. I cropped and removed the tree and the platform on the right. Lifted the shadows BLC and tweeted the contrast. This has improved the shot without losing the drama for which I was aiming.



WOW, what a difference! Major kudos on the re-work. I agreed with the previous comments and was ready to crop totally to remove the tree/deck. but you did an outstanding job with this and able to retain the curvature of the sea edge to edge. Yeah, a few cloning clues in the LR for which only other pixel peepers would notice…

Excellent also on pulling up the detail in the bush LL - looks even better than I would have imagined!

This has come together beautifully! Well done! Love the end result now.


Thanks Lon. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction. Thanks NPN for providing a forum

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I think Cameron and Igor nailed their critiques. The cropped version looks great and eliminates the distraction, so kudos to them for helping and for you for cropping!

Yep, the re-work nails it David. Nicely done!

Thanks David and John


I was about to tell you that the contrast was a bit heavy, but others beat me to it. The repost is wonderful and creates a very dramatic moment. Well done.

David, I like the high contrast version, but the rework is nice too. The repost is much more natural looking. I like that you cloned out the distraction. I wonder what it would look like with a touch of contrast added back. Not a lot…just a touch.

Awesome scene in any case. Love it.

David, looks like I’m going to be the dissenting opinion. You say Kodak film, but not which one. From the high contrast look, I’d guess T-Max? That is one of my favorite films and I think you captured a wonderful image using that film. I much prefer the original to the revised version. I think the platform on the LRC adds to the majestic feel of the sweeping scene. I can imagine myself standing there viewing the wonders in front of me. The branch next to the platform is the only thing that detracts from the scene for me.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary to bring up details in the shadows every time. I think the new version loses all the drama and emotion of the original and just becomes another of the same 'ol same 'ol.

Thanks David and everybody else. I have added some contrast and it does improve the image.

Thanks David. I remember when taking the photo the tree was the thing that distracted me and I always thought I could remove it. The film was Kodak 160 color negative scanned and processed in LR and PS. I generally don’t shoot film anymore but I thought this was a great opportunity to use the widelux. I will now print both versions to see how the shadows on the LLC come out and will also print with and without platform. I had a look at your black and whites and was impressed. Lots of drama.

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I like the rework a lot but I think you went just a hair too far in bringing up light in the foreground brush. Just a hair. Other than that, I really prefer the rework you did here. I think the sky looks much better. It retains the drama of the original but it’s a softer contrast. You might tilt this ever so slightly clockwise as I feel like the left side of the water is dipping well below the right side of the water. Super easy fix. Really liking this image David! I think a lot of it the curvature in the water.

Thanks, David. Crazy good BW conversion from color film.

Thanks David (how many Davids are there in NPN) for critique. I tend to agree with just darkening LLC a little and level the image.