Dark-eyed Junco

Seems I have difficulty getting photos of Juncos I like. I was able to work around below this guy with the sun to my back. I like the snowbank in the BG because it looks like sky and clouds, to me.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM zoom, f/5.6, 1/2000 sec., ISO 800, Av Mode, Hand Held. Processed in ACR and Pse 2020 for exposure, crop, sharpness, and NR. Topaz De-noise lightly applied (less than 10%).

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Really nice shot, Terry! The snow does look like clouds! It looks like the Junco and you just finished a long mountain climb and are taking a rest at the summit! He’s hoping you brought some good snacks! But seriously, nice capture!

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Thanks, Vanessa. That little rascal has probably had plenty of snacks over the last few days! I have kept them fed through this dreadful weather we’ve had for the last couple weeks!

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A nice look at the junco; cute pose. My thought was similar to Vanessa’s, being on a summit and looking down at a distant mountain range.

Thanks, Allen. Yeah, I can see what you guys are seeing.

I thought the same, Terry - thought you were up in the Rockies. Anyway, it’s always a treat to see a bird in its environment, especially when that’s a bit blurred in the background. Very atmospheric.

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your comments.

A very nice shot of the Junior, Terry. I like the head turn and the detail in the bird looks good. The background does work very well. I do find the out of focus foreground a bit bothersome, particularly the bit of snow in the lower left. Foregrounds can be a problem and most people either try to keep them as in focus as possible or get down really low like Hans and Dan to keep them completely blurred out.

Thanks, Dennis. Do Hans and Dan just crop bothersome foregrounds out of the photo entirely? :smiley:

Very nice Terry. Nice pose and I really like the nice warm lighting throughout the photo. And good job on getting to eye level with Junco.
I think generally what Dan and Hans do to get those photos with blurred out fg’s is get low. They get down to the same or very close to the same elevation as the water or beach surface and then focus on bird’s eye and take photo. So they don’t eliminate the fg we just can’t see it in a photo. You can see this effect by putting a pen in the middle of a table or desk and then watch the pen as you lower your eye down to table level at the edge. The table disappears and becomes a line.

Thanks, David. Okay; got it. I’ll give it a try when the opportunity next presents itself.

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