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Even though we don’t have a dedicated video section, many of us are using video and finding out the learning curve is pretty steep, especially when it comes to editing. Or maybe the learning curve is too intimidating and that’s keeping you from exploring the potential of video. So I thought I’d open a thread about some resources that I have found essential to help me learn to edit with Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve.

Resolve is the second NLE (non-linear editor) I’ve used and it was because of their own training program that I’ve had success with it. They not only provide step-by-step written instructions, but also include the video and audio files you will need to complete the lessons. They also have a lot of video training about each module. All free as is the software itself (unless you upgrade to the Studio version which has some additional functionality). Personally the free version does more than what I need so I haven’t done that.

Blackmagic Design’s in-house training
YouTube Channel

And of course, how do we learn anything these days without YouTube University? So far as I know, each of these folks also offers paid training, but I haven’t gone that far yet. Primarily each specializes in Resolve, but some do other things so you may have to look around a bit for their Resolve playlists or videos.

Jason Yadlovski - Audio focused, but beginner editing as well.

Mr.AlexTech - Great quick tips & practical techniques.

Casey Faris - Lately has become Fusion (animation) focused, but has a ton of editing info as well.

Darren Mostyn - is Professional Colorist so lots of info about the Color Grading page.

Alex Cameron - Certified DaVinci Resolve Trainer - General resource & tech talk.

Creative Video Tips - Professional editor with practical tips, tricks & advice.

Team2Video - Filmmaking info and now starting to include Resolve tutorials.

Dunna Did It - Photographer, Videographer and Resolve user, mix of instruction and reviews/tips. Secure the cup!

As of now those are my go-to people for all things Resolve. I’ll add more if others make the cut and also any other resources I’ve found useful.

Feel free to add your own Resolve favorites below!

Happy editing!


Wow, Kris! We need to make this a pinned post somewhere. I’ve used Resolve a few times, but it was very complex for my needs. So, I went back to Apple’s iMovie. Having seen your videos, I can see that Resolve does a great job for professional video editing. Thanks for assembling these resources.

I do mean about having this post pinned somewhere. I’ll bookmark it for me for future reference.

Thanks, Chris. I haven’t gotten into video seriously yet, but I’m moving in that direction. I took a lot of it when I was at Bosque del Apache last December and haven’t done anything with it yet. It sounds like this editor might be a good option, though I’m not a good video learner. I much prefer books, so they’re having a real manual is a big plus for me.

Thanks @Egídio & @Dennis_Plank - I’m happy this isn’t too off topic. I struggled with video for years before discovering Resolve and putting myself through the beginner training. Then I made a concerted effort to take more video so that I wouldn’t forget the things I learned. That was part of my horrible cycle - intimidated by software - learned a little about software - didn’t take enough video - finally shot some video - forgot how to edit - frustrated and stopped taking video.

Now I make an effort to try or learn a new thing with every project and to not let an ideal get in the way of good. So I can’t make my “perfect” video right now, but I can make the best one I can and keep learning.

You’re welcome, Kris. I could use your exact words and replace Resolve for Photoshop. Even now with TK9, I still struggle with PS. I find that a lot of the things I do, I can do better in LR than PS. I am finally finding some new tricks with TK9 and making decent progress in learning PS.

Just learned a valuable lesson today. If you’re going to do anything weird that you might not be able to fix in a timeline, do it on a copy!

I didn’t make a copy and did some dumb stuff on the original timeline, but remembered that I have auto timeline backups engaged and could restore one of those from before I made all my goofy mistakes. If you use Resolve and don’t have auto timeline or project back ups working, do it and then you can have a little peace of mind. Here’s the web site that helped me restore the older timeline. It also has info about using auto back up -

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Recently Casey Faris & Co at Ground Control made their 4+ hour Resolve course totally free and on You Tube. It’s updated for the newer versions and no longer part of their courses for sale. Free!!