Dead trees and autumn colors

I took this image a couple of years ago in a frosty autumn morning. I tried to arrange the composition as simple as possible to emphasize the contrast between frosty grass, dead trees and the autumn colors.
I don’t know if the composition and my intent work, can you give me suggests regarding composition, post procesing and how the image might work better?
Thank you guys.

ig: masdamb

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I quite like this, Massimo. The composition works really well and the fall color/winter feel contrast is really good. I might burn the top edge in kind of a top vignette to keep attention more on the main trees, but very minor. Really nicely done.

From my eyes everything looks good and I would not alter anything. Job well done and thanks for sharing.

This is real nice, Massimo. Beautiful, understated warm colors. Processing looks good although I could see with doing a bit of burning up top as @Harley_Goldman suggests.

Massimo, I quite like the juxtaposition of the dead trees and the beautiful fall foliage in the BG. It gives out that feeling of transition between Winter and Fall which I really like.

I am thinking you could increase the separation between the FG and the BG by lowering the contrast in the BG… It seems to make sense given the fog already there. That said, it might not be what you have envisioned… just something to consider.


This is a very pleasing autumn image Massimo. I would suggest the title “Sentinels of Autumn”
I love having the receding layers of trees that create depth on the hillside, and especially like the reddish/orange layer in the ULC. The dead trees and frost certainly add a lot of interest to this shot too, it is amazing to me how the spacing of the dead trees is so uniform.

I like what @Adhika_Lie did with his rework, it is subtle but a nice improvement. My only further suggestion might be to clone away the bright rock at the base of the hill in the LRC, given that it is bright and near the edge of the frame.

@Harley_Goldman @Ralph_Yakaboski @Dave_Dillemuth @Adhika_Lie @Ed_McGuirk thank you guys for the suggestions. Really appreciated.

Massimo, the contrast between the dead trees and their frosty surroundings and the lovely fall colors behind is very striking. Well seen and presented.


This is just wonderful. There’s so much to enjoy with this one, including the nature story being told here. I wonder what had become of these snags? You were quite successful in your composition and I think able to isolate the stand dead trees with the rest of the scene - of the frosty grass and autumn trees. I also appreciate keeping the color/sat of those autumn trees somewhat muted (helped by the foggy mist) as to not overwhelm the image and make it about fall color, rather than the juxtaposition between the dead snags and the rest.

Well done - no nits or suggestions.


@Mark_Seaver @Lon_Overacker thank you guys.

This is a fascinating mix of a stark foreground and warm/rich background. Artistically, I think that works well, but it does rob from the beauty IMHO. Did you take a second shot from behind the foreground trunks? I’d love to compare an image with just that rich tapestry behind.

Hi @John_Williams, thanks for the suggest. Unfortunately I did not take that shot.

I like the original post as is. It’s actually a very creative composition and idea which conveys your intention quite well. Good seeing on your part.