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Autumn 2020 photo project, - taken 10/18/20 in Wayland, Massachusetts

Somewhat of a different take on autumn foliage. Here is a tree with no leaves (not sure if it was a dead tree, or if it had just lost all it’s leaves). This bare tree was all by itself about 60 feet away from the edge of a foggy forest. I got somewhat far away from it and used 200mm to compress this tree against the more distant background forest. I liked how this perspective sort of creates an optical illusion that this bare tree is covered in red leaves. Assuming the tree is dead, you could say this view is a remembrance of times past, and the trees former glory during autumn.

Specific Feedback Requested

any critique or comments are welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 70-200mm f4 lens, at 200 mm, ISO 200, 1/4 sec at f11


What a marvellous photograph! I love the way you’ve brought up the clarity in the tree itself and accentuated the tones and textures. And setting it off against the fading mottled and pale red background is wonderful. But the tour de force is the very delicate green and yellow vine winding down the trunk - practically surreal. A prize winner. Love it!

This is another lovely image from your Autumn 2020 photo project, Ed! IMO this would not be as powerful of a scene if that tree was still decked out in all it’s autumn glory. This perspective gives us a glimpse of all that luscious red in the BG and makes for a beautiful backdrop. The tree itself is dripping with character with all those graceful curving limbs. Another powerful element is that green climbing vine as it compliments the red leaves in the BG perfectly. I also like the way the tones of the bark compliment the tones in the forest beyond. No suggestions from me.

@Kerry_Gordon @Ed_Lowe thank you for your comments I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

I’m pretty sure this was an already dead tree, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to try something like this. The forest in the background was on the edge of a foggy pond, but the mist had already started to dissipate near the bare tree itself, which allowed me to play with the sharp/soft contrast. It was just a matter of walking far enough away from the tree to get this telephoto perspective.

Those reds are so deep I couldn’t really tell what I was looking at from the thumbnail. As well as what the others have highlighted you have positioned the dead tree really well in the frame with limbs extending into all of the corners. I don’t think this image would have been nearly as effective if the tree were centered. Really well seen and wonderful execution.

Ed,Just beautiful in color and composition.I cannot think of any remark then what Kerry and Ed already have given. Except that your image brings happy feelings.

Ed, your intention worked out very well, this is a gorgeous image. The cut out of the tree and the placement wihtin the frame is perfect. The green/yellow leaves add a lot to the image. I also like the slightly shift in the red colors moving from ULC to LRC. The amount of blur of the red leaves is just right. Sorry, I can give no advise on improvement!

@Bill_Crich @Ben_van_der_Sande @ola thank you for taking time to comment on my image , i appreciate hearing your thoughts.

The shift in red was natural. I found this tree just as the fog from a nearby pond was starting to clear away. The forest is at an angle here, and the ULC was further away and still more foggy (and cooler). The LRC corner was closer, less foggy and starting to get some light (warmer). The tree itself was in no fog at all.

Just perfect. The green against the red. The sharp against the soft.

Absolutely beautiful image, Ed!!!

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Beautiful image,
i just love the composition and the subtle light.
What I like the most is where you place the red background.

The green vine makes this image for me. I’m actually wondering if a crop off the top might render that vine even more beautiful.

Wow, perfection! The smaller branches are so graceful against the red. And the vine absolutely makes this.

The first word that came to mid when I opened this is elegant. I agree with Igor. The vine is an important element .


This is one of my favorite autumn images of yours… ever!! The cool tree against the warm background, just stunning, and as others have mentioned, the vine just takes it over the top! My one suggestion is to find some wall space for this somewhere in your house!

I am behind a long list of accolades for this image, but I had to add my voice here! It is a lovely image, Ed, one that is expressive, and the vine adds the gesture that makes it so. You had light fog on your side to mute the background colors so the tree could stand out. All in all a great image and well composed!

A brilliant image. The shape of the tree stands out perfectly against the O.O.F. red background and the vine seems to be waiting for you to grab your camera.
Please keep it as it is.

One of my favorites of the fall images you been posting, and a good lesson for me. I tend to focus on the obvious, and try to get that dramatic color front and center. Using it as a background to a fascinating foreground element flips that formula and is exceptional here. The green is the icing that makes the cake; it adds excellent contrast and just enough interest to put the image over the top. Really well done on this one!

The vine, the vine makes this divine. What a beautiful image Ed!

@John_Williams @Harley_Goldman @Ronald_Murphy @Igor_Doncov @Han_Schutten @brenda_tharp @Alan_Kreyger @Eva_McDermott @Bonnie_Lampley @joaoquintela @Mario_Cornacchione @Ben_van_der_Sande
thank you all for your comments on this image, I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts.

I was worried that I might have made kept the colors too under-saturated, but nobody commented on that. So I’ll follow the advice offered by Han Schutten.

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