Delete button

Still have a hard time deleting a post on new site, wished there was a botton for deleting. Old site had one if I remember.

There is no way for you to delete, if you would like a post deleted just flag it using the buttons below the post, this will notify the moderators and myself and we will delete it for you. It’s meant to protect the integrity of the site, if you were to delete a post that has replies, those replies will be deleted and all their effort of replying would be wasted. This way if there is a better way of handling it the moderators can help you out.

Hi danny- if you mean delete as in deleting an image you’ve just posted because you missed a blip and want to replace it with a corrected image, click the edit button (pencil) under your post, delete the first lines of code, and upload the corrected image. The rest of the post will remain.

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Thanks Sandy, you mentioned this before, but it would be so much convenient with a delete button, poof and it’s gone. :slight_smile: