Desert abstract

With suggestions from the gallery & a couple other tweaks -

One of my favorites in my abstracts collection. I shot this in 2012 while flying somewhere over the American southwest. I was relieved the window was reasonably clear and there were no clouds.

Specific Feedback Requested

Comments & ideas for improvement welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld from the window seat


Processed in Lr for clarity, contrast, the crop and a bit of color or white balance management I imagine. Sharpening & nr also.

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Definitely looks like a snake, Kris, at least to me. Very nicely seen and a great capture.

Yes, a snake came to mind at once! I think it’s a very commendable abstract and the square format emphasizes the curvature pushed back on itself. I love the colors but wonder about a bit less saturation in the LL.

I also thought this was very much snakelike. Really nice color and superb southwestern geology. I’d be very curious to know where this river or stream was located.

A wonderfully seen abstract. The snake theory fits well! I think another version of this could work with a little less saturation in the left bottom corner, like Diane has mentioned.

Cool. The sandbars in the river are so interesting. And the square format works really well.

Ditto on the saturation in the LL - it’s visibly oranger than the rest of the frame.

The river really stands out here, Kris, with the sandbars a fine extra bit in the river. How nice that you had reasonably clear airplane windows. That’s gotten to be rare.

Thanks everyone! I don’t think I could get my camera out fast enough for this one!

I’ve desaturated the LLC and added a bit of de-haze. Also turned down the magenta a tiny bit and added some texture. Second image in OP.