Desert Haze

Still working my way through a pile of raws from two quick trips earlier this month. This image was taken minutes and only steps away from the image “Wind Craft” I posted previously. I find it amazing what a small change in vantage point can do to totally change compositions in the sand dunes.
5DSr, 24-105 f/4
Two image focus stack @ 24mm f/16, 1/5 sec


Dave, I like this one best of your 3 dunes images because of the strong leading line along the ridge and how it’s balanced by the tufts of grass to the left. All three are fine views, but this one has a bit more “presence”.

This is a really strong image and I like it a lot. I love the line of the dune along with the shrubs on the left.

I also like this image the best of your 3 recent dune posts. For me this wider view has a lot more impact. This image communicates more of a sense of vastness in the landscape. The tufts of grass were a minor distraction to me in the prior post, but here they play a central role in balancing the composition. In both of the prior posts I preferred to see less of the the sky, especially the white clouds, but in this image I think the clouds and sky add to the sense of vastness. The processing looks great, the warm/cool thing is working well. No nits from me, I love this as presented.

Put me down for favoring this one as well. The sky is great as are the lines of the dunes leading through the image. Minor but I would clone out the dark bush/tree at the bottom of the far dune midway up and toward the left. I quite like this one.


I agree with others that this may be the strongest one so far. I loved the sweeping line and light on the dunes in the first. I think the depth with the distance dune fields worked great in the second. and this one I think the sky is finally dialed in and compliments the dunes the best - plus you have a bit of the best of all the images all condensed in to this one capture.

The only suggestion I have would be to back off on the darker LR area. Of course there’s a natural fall off and I don’t know if there was any additional darkening - but just ever so slightly a little dark/heavy there. but I’d say that’s getting pretty nitpicky… Beautiful dune imagery.


Agree with all the above - when I looked at this image I told myself…“do these just keep getting better”? The 2nd dune helps guide the eye towards the horizon and sky. I also like how the brightness of the sky is contained within the borders of the image. Top flight work here!

Dave, This is flat out gorgeous! I missed the others so I went back to check them out and I have to say this is my favorite. Everything works perfectly in this desert landscape. I love the leading line of the dune and the way it draws me into this lovely scene. The drama in the sky is fantastic as is the combination of warm and cool tones in the image. The interplay of light and shadow looks very natural and the bush along the left side of the dune elevates this another notch IMO. Outstanding work.