Dew covered spider web

Good time of day to get the dew in nice light and calm conditions. It might be worth your while to share more details like equipment, focal length, shooting settings, as well as some dialogue on how you set up to make the image. Also, as this is posted in the critique section, it is nice for us to know what questions you might have. And that way those who view it may be able to offer suggestions.


Great detail with the dew on the web; the light and soft bg are working quite well here. Not much you could do, but do wish the spider had some out-stretched legs… :wink:

No suggestions really on processing or anything. Only minor suggestion might be a crop of some sort to take the spider a tad off center, but that’s pretty minor.

Would also agree with Bill in wishing for some details, or at least what kind of feedback you’re looking for or simply post in a regular gallery, not the critique one.

A well done and nicely captured dewy-web image.