Different colors on different monitors. And different colors in photoshop, adobe bridge and NPN

I hope to get some reactions of NPN members about this issue of which I can imagine its not only my problem.
I process my raw images in photoshop on a Eizo calibrated screen and save them in adobe bridge. The colors in bridge on the Eizo are different than those in photoshop.
As I send them to NPN as srgb jpeg the colors seem always more saturated on my calibrated Mac. So I never am sure what one sees on his monitor on NPN.

Ben is the Eizo set up for the Adobe RGB color space?

Also what color space preferences have you set up for LR, Bridge, Photoshop ?

Knowing this stuff will help solve your issue…

And describe what specific steps you use to create Jpegs. You may not be embedding a color profile.

And what Web browser do you use?

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Ed, I let you know about my progress .

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After you check this stuff out, post the information here, it will help us to figure out how you can fix the issue. There could be more than one cause.

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And don’t feel bad about asking for help, @David_Kingham had to help me out this week with some color space problems of my own here. I have an Adobe RGB monitor too, and it can complicate color space issues.

A key point. Firefox over the years has had color management settings fall out from release to release. So, it is important to check the release and proper settings in about:config

EDIT: I believe the later Firefox release 89.0 solved the color management fallout with this setting. I think it treats all un-tagged images to be read as sRGB.

Enable ICC v4 profiles on the Firefox advanced configuration

Type in about:config on your Firefox address bar.


Set to true to enable ICC v4 profile support.

There’s no need to specify the monitor ICC profile manually as it’s read automatically from the operating system.


Set a working profile for PS, in the Edit > Color Settings menu. Adobe RGB will give you a useful color range. ProPhoto will let you push colors to a range you can’t display or even see – it’s in the range of “Professional driver – don’t try this at home.” The default is sRGB and every time PS updates it returns to that – maddening! It is the simplest to use but limits colors a little. Check the 3 profile mismatch or missing boxes – these are important and are NOT the default!

Color profiles are not applicable to Lightroom.

In Bridge there is an Edit > Color Settings menu but it seems geared to prepress (commercial printing). I don’t use Bridge in my workflow but it looks like you should ignore any color difference it shows and accept PS as the accurate color.

For any discrepancy between what your monitor shows in PS and what you see on NPN – be sure you “convert” from your working space to sRGB when you make the JPEG. Don’t “assign” the sRGB profile – that is a different thing and will change the colors. Then any remaining discrepancy will be in your browser, addressed above.

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@Ed_McGuirk , @Paul_Breitkreuz , @Diane_Miller , after reading all your suggestions I checked my settings.PS adobe RGB 1998 Gray gamma 2.2, Raw, adobe RGB 1998 16bit, Bridge adobe RGB 1998, Eizo monitor also adobe RGB.All my images have an embedded color profile. The problem must be the Mac. As Ed, I tweaked settings in safari to pick up the right color. It is now a lot better but it stays a little green and saturated. I can live with that.
The best solution is that I will view NPN on my Eizo monitor in the future. What a discussion can bring ! Thank you all so much !!

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Color management of web browsers is often the issue. I use Firefox and in the past had to tweak the settings that @Paul_Breitkreuz mentioned.

Ben, you did not explicitly mention it, but just to eliminate it as an issue, I assume that you export Jpegs for posting at NPN in Srgb color space with an embedded profile? If you are exporting Jpegs in Adobe RGB that can be creating the issue.

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@Ed_McGuirk , My workflow,-- edit in camera raw – photoshop Rgb – convert to srgb – sent as jpg.
Using safari.

I assume this is OK.

That’s good – but check the box to embed or tag the profile. Online color issues are being dealt with better in the last few years, but some browsers may still do strange things if they don’t see a profile to use. Interestingly, a major thing that has driven color management for browsers is online shopping, so people can have a better idea what color sweater they are buying.


Yes this is OK, but as @Diane_Miller mentions make sure you are embedding the profile in the Jpeg. Most likely you had an issue with your web browser that now seems to be fixed. Embedding the profile increases the chances that you (and others) will see the correct colors when they view it on the web.

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@Diane_Miller , @Ed_McGuirk , The srgb box says "keep embedded profiles.