Done or still needs work?

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I know this isn’t a groundbreaking photograph (derivative at best), but I’ve been wanting to get a good sunset photograph from this location for several years…and I think I’ve finally captured it. I’ve tried a little more of a “painterly” approach than I normally take when processing this photograph. So, I’m curious if it looks natural, or too out there.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

I know it’s hard to adjust a composition after the fact, but do you see anything that would make it work better?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Does the processing look overcooked? I’m also wondering if anything odd or distracting jumps out?

Any pertinent technical details:

This is a single exposure, double-processed for highlights and shadows. I did some dodging on the yellow aspen leaves, and on the face of Chimney Rock. I also burned the foreground area to try and take some of the attention away from it (since it’s kind of empty)

I did clone out a 4Runner that was parked near the fence (bottom left-ish), and I used perspective warp to make Chimney Rock a little taller in the frame, but not too much.

Nikon D810
Aperture Priority 35mm / ƒ/11 / 0.5s / ISO 64
10 sec. timer

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The light it marvelous here and the processing looks optimal to me. The D810 together with this website shows this off very nicely. Some would question the tree on the left. Is it adding much. Would it be better without it? It’s after the fact but I would have taken a comp without it by moving to the right.

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Ryan, some truly gorgeous light and color on this scene. Processing looks very good to me.
The composition is wonderful, but I could also see the different perspective without the tree(s) in the LFG area. However, a long time ago I learned that compositions can be challenging for many reasons.
So, without a lot of second guessing there I’d say it is an excellent photo and I’ll leave the option open regarding the trees in the LFG area.

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Thanks @Igor_Doncov and @Paul_Breitkreuz! I’ll definitely have to try this location without the LFG tree…I guess that’s why it’s important to exhaust all options while you’re there.

I’m glad to hear the processing is looking good. I’m always afraid I’m pushing things too far, and usually end up with a dull, flat photograph.

Overall I’d say this is pretty great. I downloaded it and opened it in photoshop to burn the bright parts of the mountain, the bright part on the ground, and a vignette on the top right part of the image, all through a basic lights luminosity mask. For my taste this looks a little more natural and perhaps slightly less painterly. What do you think?

Hey @Brent_Clark! Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe my eyes are still adjusting, but I don’t see your tweaks.

This is a beautiful photo. The light is really nice and the tweaks you describe seem like good choices. I like the light on the trees and the mountain face. I don’t think it is overcooked. I don’t think that the trees on the left detract at all from the scene. I like them there.

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Thanks for the feedback @Terri_Barnett!

Thank you for the tech disclosure. Lovely shot. Might burn the highlight far right and a slight vignette to help keep the focus in the middle. Nice catch!


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Since you’re going artistic, I would try removing the small clouds located top center. Might look better having the dramatic clouds on the right and smooth clouds on top rather than the three tiny outliers in between.

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