D810 iso2000 300 f4E &1.4tc 1/3000 f5.6
I walk with point and shoot camera settings so I can quickly react to bird in flight opportunities. This has no noise reduction, I am learning. Other than noise, wondering in it holds attraction.
All words welcome.

Steven, you got a really good take on these, and especially nice to get all five with similar wing positions. The composition and exposure look good, and it’s clean and simple. Would also work well as a panoramic crop. I see the noise, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to advise. Confident that others will advise you on it.

A cool lineup, Steven. it’s interesting that the angle makes the birds look like they’re all in a row and it’s not until one looks at the reflections that the position of the second to the left bird becomes clear. Noise is usually fairly easily handled. Some people like the noise reduction available in Lightroom and Photoshop. My personal preference is a program called Neat Image. You can install it as a plugin for Photoshop or as a stand alone program. David Schoen likes DxO and the new Topaz AI program is getting some nice reviews.

I like Bill’s idea of a panorama crop.

Very nice in flight capture of not one, but 5 ducks, and their reflections, Steven. Nicely done. I agree about the panoramic crop (from the top mostly so you keep the reflections, I would think). They do look like they are in a straight row, until you look at the reflections. That is cool.

Thanks all for your helpful words.