Dune Up Close

This is a small abstract dune scene, about 15 feet front to back. It is a 5 image DofF blend done with Helicon Focus.

D850, 70-200mm

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I like this! The implied movement is very strong. The tonal variations work very well, as do the contrasting curves. There are a few small white spots in the upper portion that you might clone out.

Well seen, sir, and nicely processed! :+1:

I find this to be a dynamic composition Harley and I think that black and white is a great choice for this image.

No nits from me.

I agree with the others that this is quite dynamic and the lack of scale is also interesting. The only nit for me is the LLC dune lines are not as pleasing as the rest of the lines leading into the scene. Maybe a slight bottom crop would help. This is really minor but it did grab my attention.
I have only shot in the dunes one time and am envious of you folks who can access them so easily.

Harley, this is very creative seeing, I love the mind-bending aspect of the patterns here. I especially like how the middle layer of ripples is subtly different than the near foreground ripples. I also like the darker tonality at the top, it makes the transition to the background even more pronounced. Overall, i think you have done an outstanding job with the B&W tonalities, this image really gets the viewer engaged. You did an excellent job with this image, it elevates this multiple notches above “just another sand dune” image.

The patterns do seem to move, and remind me of moire patterns. I did a little research on patterns that appear to move because they are optical illusions, and thought I would share a relevant link to an article about this phenomenon.

Most excellent Harley. I love the contrast in those lines as you move through the image, including the little animal trails (they keep it grounded). I very much like the flow of bright in the llc to dark in the urc.

Outstanding Harley. Love this! It’s quite mesmerizing actually; kinda like one of those eye games where if you stare at it long enough, it starts moving… :wink:

What immediately struck me was how the light fades off pretty drastically up top. It’s almost as if this was shot at night and the light source were some truck headlamps illuminating the scene. If that makes sense. But more than that, I like the contrast/light and patterns on the contoured ripples at the bottom and how they visually contrast with the smoothed out ripples up top.

This is just super cool. In all the sea of dune images, this one is quite unique - special.


Cool stuff, Harley! I love all of the implied movement you created with the ripples in the sand as they draw me into this scene. Everything is so graceful and subtle. I also like the gradations of tones as the lighter ones change to slightly darker as they progress into the image. When I opened the larger version is when the textures in the sand really popped.Splendid image and a really great eye to spot this out in the dunes.

A visually interesting composition. I like the BW treatment. Preston’s suggestion for cloning out the few white spots should strengthen your composition. Otherwise, an excellent photo…Jim

Cool abstract, Harley. Agree with Preston that the image has a lot of tension and implied movement. Processing looks good but at least on my monitor it looks like the white point could be nudged a bit to brighten the highlights just a touch.