Dune Edge

This is a different take on dunes for me. The top edge of the close dune was in the sun with the bottom and back dune in the shadows. Very minimalist.

D850, 70-200mm

I am immediately attracted to the sun “line” but what keeps me in the image is the pattern in the front dunes. Very very nice!

Simple, elegant abstract. I really like the blue tones. Similar to Adhika, I find the ripples in the lower left the most compelling portion of the image. I might experiment with cropping off the right side and then possibly rotating the image CW to achieve the desired division of the ridge line between front and back.

Love the simplicity of this Harley. The “sun line” perfectly luminates without being overwhelming. And the details in the foreground sand add a nice texture and context. Very nicely seen, captured and executed.

Very cool, love it lots.

It’s so simple and elegant, I love this as presented, and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Great work to see this Harley.

Harley, this is fun and fascinating. Without the hints of texture in the lower left, I could imaging this as a studio shot where you flashed a tiny light across the frame… Excellent visualization and processing.

I am certainly enjoying minimalist photography more lately and have started to incorporate more of it into my shooting. I love the blue tones that you achieved with this shot as well as the symmetry top to bottom. I also like the shadow under the sun line in the lower right portion of the scene and the ripples give this dimension. I can’t think of anything I would change. Well seen!

Harley: Really well seen, conceived and captured. The subtle texture in the FG dune makes this for me. Most excellent. >=))>