Waves On Waves

This is a completely different take on dunes than my last post.

D850, 70-200mm


Beautiful! And no footprints!!

There is so much to enjoy in the image Harley. Love the lines, various textures, contrast and the composition. Total wall hanger for me. Incredible.

Wow this is nice…

Spectacular Harley, you’ve done a masterful job with this composition. I just love the gray tonality of the transition zone along the top of the dune. And the subtle knives edge of light in the URC is a really nice small touch too. No nits from me, I’m really enjoying this as presented.

No nits on this - super! The sinuous lines of the edge of the dune and the light/shadow are gorgeous, and I like that there is a hint of detail in the shadows.

Another magnificent dune image. I, too, really like that there is a “hint of detail in the shadows”, especially in the background at the top.

Exquisit capture of the dunes in black and white. Rule of thirds applies here as well from foreground to background. Nice utilization of light which blends well into the shadows of the dunes. Love the lines, vertical, diagonal, horizontal, all lead the eye around the image as if you were trying to find the end of the puzzle. Beautiful composition!

This is one of the styles of landscape photography I think that we cannot really achieve in the UK not even at our most extensive and remote beaches. The UK just doesn’t do deserts, far to temperate and wet. So I can only admire seeing the creative textures and patterns shown on NPN by exponents such as yourself and those fortunate enough to be able to visit them on a regular basis. Lovely image, very seductive and simple play on light and form.


You are killing it! - Knocking these out of the park - what other cliche’d remarks can I use?

If I didn’t say this previously, I’ll say here - I think you’ve truly elevated your photography - from not only capture (comp, vision, etc.) but also in your processing. Masterful.

No suggestions for improvement. Outstanding.


Like this too. The tones are perfect and the textures are wonderfully strong.