This is a shot I really love how it came out. Was taken in the Eureka Dunes at 300 mm. The shot was after the rain so the texture in the sand was very crisp.

Hope you guys like it

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Lovely soft folds and great light patterns and lines, Carlos. A beautiful image. I almost (but not quite) regret that extra detail in the nearest ridge that breaks with the incredible smoothness of the image.

Hi, thanks for the critique. I think you might be right. I might need to un-sharp that detail a little.


I do like it, Carlos. The crests of the dunes are all approximately parallel to one another and that is good for conveying the pattern. You’ve captured great highlights.
What I would want to see more of is darker tones in the shadows for greater range of tones throughout the image. And since the central third of the image is a shadow, perhaps that could also show greater contrast. I would also like to see the textures of the sand more since you mentioned the crispness of it but I can’t see it.
A wonderful image. Looking forward to edits.

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With this you have a very attractive and simple composition. I especially like the simple angled framing and light values between the crests and valleys. Carlos, I’m planning on posting a dune layers image for the WC, and you beat me to it.

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Yes, Carlos, this is a lovely series of diagonal lines of light and dark. The shadow details show nicely, but subtly in the larger view. This is a very artistic view.

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Man thank you for taking the time to give me advise. So I tried giving more contrast to the image making the shadows darker but I felt the image loses the softness and calming effect. I was debating with it for a while. I will try again and compare them side by side.

Thanks again

I want to see your image also. I am pretty sure is going to look amazing

Thanks Mark, I am glad you like it:)

Very smooth and silky, I love it.
All the best, Ingrid.

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Soft, subtle and wonderful. Excellent lines and layers; soft contrast works as well.

Enjoying this one

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Thank you Lon. I am glad you like it