Dusky Grouse

7D2, Sigma 150-600mmC@275mm. F5.6, 1/1600, -0.33 EC. handheld, mid-day light.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions, Dave

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Wow, Dave. This species is hard enough to get any kind of shot, but at 275 mm? That’s amazing. Excellent detail in the grouse and a very nice pose. My only suggestion is to brush a little bit of blur over the upper part of the background. Not enough to lose the habitat, just to smooth out the “crunchy” feel to it. Excellent work.

Excellent detail in the larger image. The background is busy but this is an environmental photo. Nice job getting so close to this elusive species.

This is a species I have never seen before. Excellent close-up and framing in what appears to be harsh light. The background appears a little funky - maybe a combination of the light and shallow dof. If you are up for it, blurring them a will make this stand out.