Eagles feeding

Something that was clear when I saw the eagles feeding on a dead deer was that there was a clear hierarchy. First a large golden eagle ate and then none of the other eagles dared to walk forward even though they slowly approached and tried to look uninterested. When the golden eagle left, the next older eagle took over as this picture shows. The younger eagle is admittedly close but does not dare to take anything from the deer and patiently awaits its turn.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
1/800 second
ISO 400
440 mm

The image is processed using Lightroom


Impressive action image with very pleasing crop. The brown tones against the white snowy backdrop create excellent contrast for telling your story. The eyes of both birds are clearly looking at the carcass. Nice work!

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Hi Johan
This could be a seen out of a God Father movie “I told you were we could find him”. There is just no question that these two Eagle are in charge. Normally I would like to see the full view of the Golden Eagle right wind, but this framing work as a nature in action photograph. The coloring, detail and eye contact are great.

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That’s a really terrific shot and I love the info about how they organize themselves around a kill. I ran into a deer carcass today in the woods. It was fresh, but mostly frozen into the river so hard to tell how much of it was still there. Lots of blood and fur all over though. Probably still going to feed critters for days to come.

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Very nicely done–you froze a wild moment, and the detail and crop are perfect.

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Thanks a lot David! I also like the color contrast between the brown eagles and snowy landscape surrounding them.

Thanks for your commenmmmsss. I actually cropped in like this on purpose and in the original file I have the whole eagle to the lef


thanks a lot for your comment Peter! I actually cropped the large eagle with purpose to focus in on what I think is the story of the image. In the original it is there in full, the smaller eagle is a bit cut in the original however.

thanks you so much for your comment Kristen!

I am very happy you liked it Craig. I did crop to focus on the story so this was a choice I made and I am happy you thought that it worked!

This is a fine image on all levels. Wonderfully sharp with a great story to tell. The limited colour palette always appeals to me.

Reading that you cropped the image for impact is something I would hesitate to do. Being brave has certainly paid off.

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Thanks a lot Glenys I really appreciate your comment. I am find cropping difficult but have realized it can really change the image sometimes. I will continue to experiment with this…

This image has some very imposing characters in it. The ferocious look of the sea eagle is impressive. The crop worked very well and with raptors the biggest bird gets the prize. Well done…Jim

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thank you so much for your positive feed-back