Early morning catch

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was taken during a vacation on Sri Lanka. Beautiful early mornings during stolls along the beach. I wanted so much to capture the emotion of serenity and peace, which I imaged that is what this guy was feeling.

Technical Details

ISO 125
f 11
1/200 s
Canon G7X

This does look very peaceful Gary. The quiet subtle color in the sky add well to the peaceful feeling. I do see a slightly dark rim around the fisherman. Did you burn him in to create a silhouette?

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Hi Gary,
that looks really beautiful. The scene radiates a calmness.
When I look at your picture, I realize why this time of day is called the golden hour.

I agree with @Mark_Seaver about the dark halo around the person. Sometimes that kind of halo is created by applying a heavy orton effect on contrasty parts of an image.

In addition, there is a detail that somewhat catches my attention. It’s the cloud and the bright sun spot at the top right of the image. In my opinion, the quiet mood wood benefit from the removal of this distraction.

I just warped the image slightly to pull out the cloud out of the frame.

Again, a very nice image. Your picture makes you want to enjoy the sunset on this beach.

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Hi Mark!
Thanks for the feedback. Actually no, I haven’t done anything in particular with the fisherman. I only slightly decreased the highlights overall. Hmm… interesting😊

Hi Jens!
Thanks for the your interesting feedback. I haven’t purposely applied any orton effect. However, what you (and Mark) see could be due to the slight decrease in texture I applied. And yes, I agree with you regarding how you re-cropped the image.:blush:

It’s possible that its a natural lighting effect. Another thing that can produce “halos” is clarity (also known as microcontrast). I don’t see how reducing the highlights would create such an effect.

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Hi Gary,
I haven’t been fishing in ages; since I was a teenager; and I remember always finding it relaxing as I am sure this fisherman does. I am enjoying the mood and light in this scene as well as the small tweaks from @Jens_Ober. Very nicely done.

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Great that it brought back those nice memories😊 Thanks for the feedback.