Eastern bluebird

This bluebird landed on the perfect perch, I took a number of images in different poses all of which offer something different.

Image 1 has a pensive mood with the bluebird looking downward contemplatively, image 2 show more detail of the back and tail, and image 3 shows the bluebird with a cheeky tilt of the head.

I’m not sure which image I like the most.

Specific Feedback Requested

Which image do people prefer?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

I love this, Eduard. All three images give a nice summary of the personality of this fine little bird. And the background gives us a nice frame without intruding. Well done.

Very nice triple, Eduard, I agree with @David_Bostock that all provide good aspects of the bird taking advantage of a nice sunlit perch . Background looks nice for the shots too.

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I love them all – don’t make me choose! You captured great personality and detail in this little bird, with a very nice and color-coordinated BG!

My only suggestion would be to burn down the brightest part of the perch.

Hi Eduard
Although all three shot are nice, I like the first, because your mug shot and this Eastern Bluebirdare sharing the same expression. Vary nice work.