Ebb and Flow Book Review

Excerpt from the Article:

It has taken me almost a month since receiving TJ Thorne’s inaugural monograph before I could sit down and adequately submerge myself in it. Ebb and Flow is a 9x12" landscape-format photography book comprising exactly 100 color photographs of water. Yes, you read that right: rivers, oceans, lakes, but none in any recognizable fashion. Each photograph is bathed in deep, personal meaning, created in places TJ is intimately familiar with and loves deeply. He states, “These are not merely photographs of water; they are representations of personal experiences captured during moments of emotional peace and clarity.”

Published in part by Platanus Editions, this hardcover, cloth-wrapped monograph feels beautiful in your hands. The photographs are printed using soy inks on 180gsm (120#) Neo Matte Art coated paper — technical jargon that, when broken down, means the colors are beautifully saturated, and the photographs make a wonderful splash on the page.

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