Educators, speakers on projects.

Im looking for a good video, or a photographer I can follow who is good on explaining about projects. I feel that I need some guidance on this. I also would like to suggest someone to my camera club on the same subject. Anyone out there can suggest someone interested in speaking to my club online?

Hi Lorretta,

To start with, I would recommend taking a look through our guidelines for projects. This has great information that was written by Theo Bosboom who is a wonderful resource for projects.

I would also look into LensWork and Brooks Jensen, he has endless information on projects, especially in his podcast.

Eric Bennett is another good resource for projects. I know he has a presentation on curating projects that he will be giving as a paid webinar soon either on his own or we may collaborate on this, so I would subscribe to his newsletter as well as mine.

I would also consider William Neill’s book The Photographer’s Portfolio Development Handbook.

For presentations for your club, my partner Jennifer Renwick has a presentation on projects, and also Cole Thompson may have a presentation on prjoects, but I’m not positive.

I’m sure there’s a lot more I’m forgetting, but I hope this helps!

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