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This woodland Phlox was peaking out of the ferns and was isolated by the dense fern layer. I chose a slight blurring of the image to create a soft texture which was less harsh than a tack sharp image.

Specific Feedback

all comments are appreciated

Technical Details

Canon 5D 90mm Macro lens

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  • Lighting:
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This is a really nice piece of art James. I do like the slightly blurred softness of this, although I think it may have sufficed to soften just the edges and corners and leave the Pflox a bit sharper. The colors here are fantastic, and I like the overall balance of your composition.

James, this is a fine artistic look at this phlox. Your blurring (especially of the leaves) looks a lot like a strong Orton effect. It gives them a very nice glow. The reduced detail in the flowers also lets them glow nicely. It might be interesting to remove the blur from the flowers while leaving it on the leaves.

Nicely seen and captured James; you’ve elevated a fairly common flower to another level. I like the soft look you chose and the blues are nicely set off by the green ferns. Composition works well also; I like that the major ferns are all going in the same direction and the Phlox are trying to elbow out for their share of light.

Jim, Mark and Ed, thanks to all for your comments and suggestions as they related to the sharpness of the Phlox. The final “cut” is about the mid- point of sharpness and softness . I was not pleased with the tack sharp image and its relationship to the ferns -a test print seemed a bit out of balance. Thanks again for the comments!