Emigrant Creek step falls

This is a ~6 foot tall falls on the East Fork of Emigrant Creek.

5D3, 24-105 @ 29mm, 1/10 s, f/20, iso 400, tripod.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.


I’m enjoying the somewhat unique and angled view of this intimate cascade. Colors look great and I like the flow of the water through the frame. The diagonals work well throughout.

The strong presence of the orange-ish we rock frames the flow of the water nicely and even the snow-covered UR balances out the frame nicely (enough breakup in the detail in the snow.)

I also think the stick is providing an interesting dynamic. If one stretches the imagination, this reminds me of a wild rabbit trap… with the stick holding up the rock. If that makes sense.

The only wish I have would be for a slightly faster shutter speed, OR perhaps even some texture painting back in at the base of the main cascades on the left. Otherwise, this is looking quite good.

Colors/WB, sat, contrast all look good.


I agree with Lon regarding trying to add some texture to those spots in the cascade. I’m on the fence with the stick. While it is there naturally, it seems a little of place and grabs my eye. I like color, and the nice detail in the foreground rock. Aside from the spots in the water, the processing is very pleasing.

Overall I like this composition very much. The bright orange on the left bottom rock, however, is too strong for the overall composition and needs to match the rest in color saturation.

I like the composition, for something shot this tight, there are lot of interesting elements to look at ( ie the log, the moss, the shapes of the rocks, etc). I think you left just the right amount of space above the falls, something which is often a downfall in many other waterfall images.

I think adding a strong vignette would help draw attention to the center. I also agree with @Igor_Doncov about balancing the saturation across the image by reducing saturation in the rock in the LLC.