Eva's Falls and Granite

This is an early morning shot of Eva’s Falls from our trip to the Sonora Pass country in August. The color version was OK, but I think it looks nice in B&W.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 16-85mm
Adobe ACR and PS-CC
Full Frame

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

This is really nice, Preston. I love the hint of the falls in the backgraound and those granite boulders do look great in b/w. My only suggestion would be be to dodge the falls themselves a bit. Just a bit, to keep the early morning feel and provide a little separation in tone. Really good to be back.

I like the black and white processing Preston.

For me the direction you’ve taken this creates a bit of mystery. This is subjective but I would consider croppping the bottom so that the viewer can’t see the water hit the pool. That may create even more mystery as the viewer won’t know how big those falls are.

It’s nice as is though

Real nice view of the falls and the B&W processing looks spot on. I would not mind a little extra room on either side of the lower falls, but who knows what is lurking there and not huge. Looks good.

Preston, I am really enjoying this in BW and I like how you handled the processing!
I agree with @Harley_Goldman and a little room on either side might be a plus. Well done!

Nicely seen, Preston. Your processing looks spot-on to me. It could be an optical illusion but it seems like it could use a slight clockwise rotation.

I"ll echo; the black and white works with this one and I also feel the composition is a bit tight.

Thanks, all. Your comments are appreciated.

I am working on an image with a wider view that I will post soon.

Thanks again,

I like the composition a lot. I’d burn the rocks down in order to emphasize the water. I also think a longer exposure would help the lines in the water and create some curves that would link the upper and lower falls. The water droplets splashing from the upper fall would create beautiful curves in a longer exposure. The falls would also be a bit softer and ethereal. I’m only talking 1/2 to 1 second shutter speed. The shutter speed used appears to be about 1/100 to 1/50. It’s your choice of course, but a little longer exposure is usually more pleasing with moving water IMO.

Thanks for your comments @bradley.

I burned the brighter granite down as much as I dared. At one point I went to far and the image started looking flat, so I tried again. I feel this was the best compromise.

The RAW was shot at ISO 100, 1/13s @ f-16. I could have shot this at f-22, but the early light was changing by the minute, so I didn’t really have time. I do not have a ND filter, and I did not have time to mess around with a polarizer. So, I gots what I got. :wink:

Nice shot, Preston. The B&W processing looks great. I like how there’s no sense of scale here. I can imagine a small cascade or a 100’ falls. I agree with others about being a little tight.

This is really nice, Preston. As mentioned by others, your processing looks perfect! I would like to see it this with a bit more room on both sides and the top. Perfect chosen shutter speed too!