Splt Falls #2

This is one of favorite waterfalls in The Sonora Pass Country of the Sierra. I have always been drawn to the shapes of the granite rock and the various directions the water takes.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200, f4

July 2018

I am most interested in your thoughts on the warm/cool contrast, color balance, and saturation.

Your comments are always appreciated! :smile:


Preston, it is nice to connect with you again. I want you to know that several years ago you suggested an improvement in my processing that has improved my work greatly. Kudos to you. Furthermore, you gave me information about Bristlecone Pine Forest that was very helpful when we went there last year. You created milestones for me.

Regarding this shot, I wonder how it would look if the granite were darkened a bit, especially on the left side. What do you think?

There is a very nice rhythm to this image. The boulders have a rhythm and the water echoes the same rhythm.

Composition is my thing so I can’t make too many processing suggestions. The top feels a bit crowded but it always does with these subjects. Cut into the falls and it’s too close to the top. Include the falls and you want to the rocks in the flat water fully exposed.

This has a very natural look to it.

Hey Preston,

Specifically to your request on color balance, saturation, etc., it all looks spot on to me! WB is perfect in the water and there’s a nice mix of cool and warm tones in the granite. I say kudos on processing this one!

I do like the more intimate view of your previous rendition, although it’s really easy to like this one as well. I’m with Igor and would say the top is a little “unresolved” for lack of a better term, but I think you did well in your framing selection. You might consider a slight crop off the left if you wanted to emphasize the verticality of this image, but just as an alternate thought.

No nitpicks or further suggestions. I miss this outcropping and falls!


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I have no nits whatsoever. I like how this shows the aging and transformation of the rocks via water action.

Preston I really like this, as always your compositions are spot on. I don’t really have anything to say about the color balance or saturation, but I also think the top of the big rock on the left could be a little darker to draw the eye down.

Real nice take on the falls. I prefer this to the prior post. The wider view works nicely for me. Processing looks spot-on. Nothing to suggest, much to enjoy.

Thanks for your comments, all!

I agree with ‘tightness’ at the top. I did crop this from the top in order to eliminate a very distracting fallen log.

Hey Preston, your careful composition is apparent. The “tight” top does not bother me. Processing looks very natural (WB, saturation). All a matter of personal preference but I could see experimenting with the WB and adding just a touch more coolness to the water. The granite looks good as-is and sufficiently warm imo.


The overall color balance seems pretty neutral to me. I see only subtle hints of blue light in the granite. It leaves me a bit longing for some thing more. Have you tired it as a black and white? The graphics are great, it just does not seem like a color image.

I like this a lot, Preston. This one wprks better for me than the #1 from this location. In this image, the directions of water flow are more pleasing. I can imagine a tish off the top, even though it would make the top feel tighter. It’s a bit of a catch 22: tighter on the top to remove the rock channels from the composition, or more on the top so we see where the water is coming from.

I see the possibilities for a bw image here as well, or an ever so slightly warmed palette. Of course, it’s not red rock country, so the color temp is realistic as is.

Nice work on this
p.s. not sure why reply included the image. This is my first post on the new site. I will see if I can delete it.

After looking at both the color and B&W renditions several times now, I definitely prefer the color best, which is a little odd for me. For my tastes, the B&W just didn’t offer enough differentiation between the water and rock, whereas the color version does that and I also really like the small little patches of slightly brighter green moss here and there. Also love the texture in the rocks (yes, I’m a rock freak), I just want to touch them and feel the warmth and roughness of them. Well done, Preston.