Water and Stone +RePost

Split Falls #3, Sonora Pass Country, CA.

What do you think about the color balance and saturation?

Do you have any thoughts on the composition? My main goal was to show the interaction between the cascade and the granite.

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 70-200 f4
f-16 @ 1/10s, ISO 400
ACR, PSCC and TK’s Masks.

Your thoughts are always appreciated. :smile:

Nicely done, Preston. The color balance and saturation look very natural and spot-on to me. Only thought would be to burn down the brighter stone around the edges of the frame to keep the eye directed in the central part of the image.

I’m torn by other influences Preston. I’ve taken similar shots in Zion under assorted lighting conditions, and that’s influencing my “color palette.” Right or wrong, I keep telling myself there must be a little more color in the granite on the left, even as I’m well acquainted with gray California granite. I’m wondering therefore, if there isn’t a little blue from the sky, and in fact there’s slightly more color there. It’s very subtle and could well be an accurate portrayal of what you saw.

I’m a sucker for streaky water in any case, and I could spend a long time studying this. Already have, as a matter of fact! :grin:

Hey Preston,

Very nice intimate of these falls. I think the color/sat and processing in general is spot on. Nice work!

The balance between the rock and cascade - and including the pool at the bottom works very well. The comp is pretty straight forward, but no complaints. Well done sir.


Preston nice job here. I think the color balance and saturation look great. What I find interesting here is the texture and shapes in the water right where it hits the pool, it has kind of a tiered effect, which is pretty neat. I assume there must be a little mound of rocks at the base of the falls creating this effect. I agree with Dave’s suggestion to add some more vignette here, and would also consider specifically burning down the bright rock in the URC.

Thank you for your kind comments, folks! :+1:

I tweaked the levels in the granite as suggested, while leaving the cascade alone. No changes were made to Hue/Saturation.

What say you? Any better?

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I like it a lot. Might be my monitor, but the faint blue I was seeing in the reflections on the left are gone. This is a much stronger rendering!

Yep. I think the repost looks great.

Preston, wow, I thought the original was pretty darn good in terms of processing, but the repost is definitely a steup up. The warm, gold tones on the right are richer and the overall color contrast is stepped up.

I hadn’t actually caught any of the blue until mentioned by Hank, but I see a faint hint of it in the center area on the left - but since we so often lose sight of the fact of the reflected bluebird sky, I think it’s quite appropriate.

Well done on the repost!


The repost is a much richer rendition. Works for me.