Evening Enchanment

This is another one from my Death Valley trip this week. The first in WC was more an intimate, this is more along the lines of the grand landscape.

D810, 24-70mm

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Harley, your title is quite appropriate and this is indeed “grand” in every sense. The colors and clouds are handled well! The lighting over the mountains really steals the show. I have no suggestions. My first trip to DV was last month and I am very envious that you folks are so close!

Nicely done, sir. Great color, tonality, and composition. Processing looks spot on.

No suggestions. I like this one as-is.

These clouds are about as well done as anything I’ve seen recently. Their subtle beauty in light and color is remarkable. And they haven’t been ‘pimped’ to look spectacular. The D810 did you well on the hills. There’s a lot of texture there.

I don’t really have any suggestions for image improvement. The image feels a bit incomplete as you want to see the entire cloud to the right. But there isn’t much to be done about that. Unlike painters that can compose a perfect match between cloud and land, we photographers have to be lucky. To have lighting, clouds and mountains all come together perfectly just takes luck. I wouldn’t crop a thing. It all looks good.

Harley…OK…glad to see you really were able to get some additional very nice images from the trip. As you point out, this one is definitely grand landscape in presentation. Gotta love these grand vistas of the open deserts throughout the southwestern states. This scene provides a very impressive statement on that point too…:sunglasses:
I can’t see anything for thoughts of change, all looks spot on to me…:+1:

A grand and beautiful landscape indeed. Great combo of “earth and sky”, minus the “sea” - although I’m pretty sure this is probably an ancient sea anyway… :wink:

Glorious sky. Fantastic colors and perfectly processed.


Terrific image Harley! I’ve never had the good fortune to visit DV and can’t wait to get there someday. One comment I would make is the hills in the center look so sharp compared to the ones on the sides of the image that it feels like a composite rather than a pano or single capture. Even with that, fabulous shot!

I like how you reduced the land elements to a relatively narrow strip leaving the rest of the vista for the sky and clouds. Awesome and well done…Jim

Great shot Harley, I love the cloud color. This looks sunset looks quite familiar, did you take this on Sunday evening? I was in Death Valley this week too.

Hi David. It was Sunday evening! I was with Dave Dillemuth. Where were you when this was happening? My buddy Michael Gordon was out and about with a client in DV as well.

I believe i was maybe 100 yards away from you guys as these look like the peaks I was facing too. I was just further toward the west. I saw two people shooting just a bit further east of me must have been you guys, small world!

This is a beauty, Harley. The framing works nicely to emphasize those incredible clouds. Processing looks very natural and great job retaining texture in the cloud highlights. Only thought (yeah, I’m too lazy to download and try myself ;o) ) would be to experiment with the color balance in the mud crack layer. I might try cooling the white balance down.

Harley, Wow! This is a beautiful image. Wonderful work just as it is for me.

Lovely! The clouds are gorgeous, but I particularly enjoy the light on the hills and valley floor.