Eyes on the camera

A group a Great Egrets were having luck fishing in a tidal pond near the Chesapeake Bay. This particular composition shows the fortuitous capture of the eyes of both predator and prey at a critical moment.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback helpful.

Technical Details

Olympus OMD EM 1 Mark II, Olympus 300mm lens + 1.4x teleconverter.

Great timing, Bill! Maybe take the whites down just a bit and/or boost the highlites, basically to give the neck feathers more definition; that should also help with the light colored water.

Excellent capture.

Bring the highlights down a tad (for the feather detail), maybe some denoise and you’ve got a winner.

I especially like the expression on the fish “Shoot, I’m dead!” (at least that’s what I’m imagining)

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Timing is everything! Getting both eyes nice and sharp adds a lot to this view. I can see subtle details in the whites so they don’t look blown. The “S” curve of the Egrets neck is good also. If this is cropped, I would suggest trying to move the egret’s head a bit off center to the left, but that may not work depending on what’s lurking on the right.

Thanks John, I will try your suggestions. Much appreciated.

Thanks Mark. I did have some difficulty in bringing down the highlights sufficiently to get more feather definition in the neck. I think your cropping suggestion did work to improve the image. Thanks, Bill

“Yikes!” What an intense moment you managed to capture. The eyes say it all. I like the final crop.