Fall at Brookside Gardens

I went to the gardens mistakenly thinking I had a photography class which wasn’t until the next day. That got me there early and without restrictions brought by following the group. It was before sunrise and I noticed people planting their tripods near this scene. They were stuck in one spot, not wanting to move their tripods, while I could move around for the best composition. ISO 1600, f/9, 125th sec. Canon R5 w/ RF 24-105mm lens.

Specific Feedback Requested

I have vacillated between making it dark to hide unattractive soil and making everything a more even exposure. I don’t recall if reflections are supposed to be brighter or duller than the actual object but I went, finally, for duller. I abandoned putting deep black swaths on the right lower area and lightened them. They were naturally lighter.

Technical Details

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Wow. This is really flamboyant. Like a flamenco dancer. Showing off the lines with energy, heat, and passion. I personally would prefer a less elongated aspect ratio. I also prefer the muted reflections over the real trees. I believe an image of just the reflections would make for a better image.