Fall at Home

*Edit: Made changes to color balance based on David’s recommendation

This is an image of one of my favorite local woods to walk in. Only 15 minutes from where I live I knew where to return to as the fog set in this morning. Fall photography in Oregon can proove to be fleeting, but I can usually get a shoot or two in during weekends! I shot a similar image of this section of the forest a year ago, but I do think I like this vertical a bit more and am glad I returned for it!

Specific Feedback Requested

What are your thoughts on the composition? I am also curious about how the processing looks to others. I used to shoot a lot more larger landscapes but I find it more personally fulfilling photographing these forests and smaller scenes recently. Although, for understandable reasons, friends and family don’t quite see the appeal!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

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Hi Kyle, I really like this. The focus on the leaves with he big trunks in the background is a nice contrast. I think you might have a bit of color cast, the far background looks a little blue/cyan. If you were to warm up the entire image, those leaves might pop even more.

BTW, checked out your website. You have some very nice work there. Also, we’re neighbors. I live in NW Portland.


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Thank you David! I think you are right in the color balance. I tweaked the original tonight to balance it a bit.

Glad you liked the images up on my site as well! Always a work in progress :slight_smile: Maybe we will see each other in the field one of these days!


Kyle, I am with David about your website. Great stuff. And about this image " my style". Good work.

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Thank you Ben! That means a lot to me :blush: Glancing at your work I love the way you have simplified your subjects and have such strongly defined lines and shapes. It’s very clean!

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