Fall Color

Fall color along the Bear River Idaho.

Specific Feedback Requested

Open to all constructive comments

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 80D
Tripod, Cable Release
1/32 sec
ISO 100

Terry, talk about peak fall color, well you certainly hit that here, it doesn’t get more peak than this.

I like the composition, having the reeds as a frame at the bottom, and the off-center placement of the yellow tree to create an anchor for the viewers eye.

In terms of suggested tweaks, here goes. I would crop a small slice from the bottom, and burn or darken the reeds (thus drawing more attention to the center of the image where the interesting fall color is. To some degree I wish the yellow tree stood out a bit more from the background trees, which is harder to do color wise when everything is yellow/red/orange. One way to do this would be to create some color separation, shifting yellow more yellow, orange more orange, and red more red. I did a rework where I did that using Lightroom HSL Hue to shift colors. And I cropped and darkened the reeds. I also darkened the overall exposure slightly. I think the color shifts are subtle, but help the yellow tree stand out more. I hope this helps…

Thank you for your valuable comments.