Fall in the Owens Valley

I just recovered a couple of hard drives from about a decade ago. The SATA adapter I had wouldn’t read 2 of 3 hdd’s I had from my old pc. I then lost the adapter so I bought a new one. It read the od drives right away so I have been able to find some old images from when I spent a number of days in the Owens Valley. I had decided to drive from Bishop to Lone Pine and take every dirt road along the way. This was along a canal road near Independence, CA. I was drawn to the colors of the brush and leaves. It is almost too much luminance, but I like it. The placement is nothing spectacular, fairly formal, but you don’t always get that option.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome: placement, processing, emotional impact, anything.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/something, iso something, 1/something of a second. My LR keeps crashing randomly since the 2022 upgrade.

First off, congrats for being able to recover some images from your crashed PC Guy. I am much much enjoying the color palette and details in this scene from Owens Valley. Ordinarily I would not be a fan of the cloudy sky like this, but I think it compliments the subdued tones in the rest of the scene. My only suggestion would be to clone out that bit of blue sky right under the limb on the right side as it doesn’t fit with the rest of the sky. Very nicely done!

Beautiful colors, especially in the foreground. I find the cutoff tree is throwing me off a bit but I could not figure out a fix in the comp. I would second Ed’s suggestion.

I agree with Harley, the abrupt way the tree exits the frame bothers me more than the bald sky (and like @Ed_Lowe I am not usually a big fan of white skies). But to add more of the tree just adds more space to the bald sky. As you said Guy, sometimes you don’t get all the options that you want.

What intrigues me most about this scene is the rabbit brush and golden grass against the green background bushes. I hope you also took some more intimate views that further emphasized those texture and colors.

The blue is not sky but the mountains in the background, I may be able to neutralize it without affecting the leaves covering it.

@Harley_Goldman @Ed_McGuirk
The tree is as much as I could get without another form intruding into frame by way of a large bush, so I took what I could get.

Does anyone think the luminance on the bushes is too much, or could they be taken farther?

Thanks for the comments.

I wouldn’t suggest going any further than this, there is plenty of detail and texture as presented. The rabbit brush already has a strong glow, I’d leave it as is.

Guy, I am currently reworking my images from Zion National Park and this could fit right in with them. So glad you were able to recover your HDDs. This is a great shot, I don’t mind the cut off tree top at all. It has a sense of closure. I like the soft light and the warm look. Excellent.