Family Reunion


Description: From 2018 when I spent a day on a farm. They let me go into the fields with the animals. The sheep were pretty funny and curious. This picture reminds me of a big family reunion group shot with grandma, grandpa, all the aunts , uncles and cousins!

Specific Feedback Requested: I know the light is pretty harsh but it was summer and the farm stand doesn’t open until 10am, but they let me come a little before, so already sun was high. Anything else

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Couldn’t find the data, but I just brought down the brightness a little bit.


A really cute image of this family. They are grouped really nice and as always look at you curioisly. I think you have done the best of the situation and come up with a good image.

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Thanks, Ola! Appreciate your comment.

I love the one that can’t be bothered to look at you. Like, eh, whatev. Nice catch!

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Thanks, @Kris_Smith ! They were pretty funny, they all started walking towards me and came pretty close!

Very cool. It’s tough to get everyone in that large a group of people to look at you, let alone other critters, so you did very well. The light isn’t too bad at all and I like the grassy foreground with the wooded backdrop.

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Haha! Thanks @Dennis_Plank for your comment. Yeah, that is so true about trying to get a big group of people to look at the camera! Thus my title. Glad you like it.

Too cute, Vanessa! It does remind me of a family reunion portrait that is about impossible to get everyone to look at you at the same time. I think you managed the light situation very well. That was nice of them to let you go in with the animals rather than through a fence and at a distance.

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What a wonderfully fun image, Vanessa. I like how you’ve handled the challenging light. Well done.

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Thanks so much @Shirley_Freeman and @David_Bostock , I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, Shirley, it was so much fun to be given free reign to just climb over the fences and get to have the animals come as close to me as they wanted! The cows were way more outgoing than the sheep, and wanted head rubs! Which also made it hard to take pictures of them! :laughing:

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Excellent composition and perfect exposure. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for looking and commenting, Laura! I’m glad you like it!

Guess I missed this originally, Vanessa. Too cute, and nicely seen and captured!

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Thanks @terryb ! They were pretty easy to see! They were kind of like a gang, especially when they all started walking towards me! :sweat_smile:

What a cool photo Vanessa! Very cute. I love how all but 1 curmudgeon is looking at you. Well done! And congratulations on the EP!

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Haha! Thanks @Steve_Kennedy ! Yeah, they were too busy eating! I appreciate your stopping by and comments! :slight_smile: