Father & Son

This is more of a record shot for me… way too dark (you can see it from the size of their iris) and a little out of range to actually make a print worthy shot but it was one of my best encounter with the GHOs. Thank goodness for DeNoise, I think it’s still decent for web. All feedback are welcome.


Nikon D500, Sigma 500 f/4 lens at f/4, 1/80, ISO 10,000 on a tripod.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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I really like the composition here even though this is a darker than normal image. The owls bodies are diagonal and opposed to each other. The tree bark in the right and lower aspect of the image opposed by the out of focus greenery and branches in the background along with the tiny bit of color at the left side really make this a pleasing image to look at. I’m sure you tried numerous approaches with respect to brightening it up. Your postprocessing for ISO 10,000 is superb. Hopefully will have another chance to photograph these wonderful GHO’s in better light

A nice image and at ISO 10000, very nice processing. Amazing what modern cameras and software can do. That said, I wondered if there wasn’t a bit more detail in the owls to help make them a bit more prominent. Just a levels adjustment layer pushing the white point in, then masking off the rest of the background to keep it dark. See what you think.

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Very good processing, Adhika, and a lovely composition. The branch going right and down out of the frame draws my eye just a bit, and I think you could darken it a touch. Other than that, I like the balance of the image. I looked at Keith’s brightness adjustments and they certainly work, but they strike me as a whole different interpretation of the image. I find that I like the owls dark in the frame. It adds a very good feel for the experience with the birds just visible in the tree. Nice work.

I like this. The darkness sets a nice mood and the owls still show fairly good detail. Good job in processing. I think I need to check out some of these NR software products.

Thanks, guys! I have edited the OP with a revision. I like @Keith_Bauer’s idea to bring up the white points on the bird and I did add a few white points to the bird even though I did not go as far as he did. I really like @Dennis_Plank’s idea to burn that downward branch. Thanks so much, guys!

@David_Schoen: Unfortuantely, they are getting higher and higher in the tree these days :frowning: But I am still hoping! :smiley:

@Allen_Brooks: You should, these NR softwares are really good and I think it has made a lot of stuffs that I thought was impossible to be quite decent.

Must have been a stunning encounter; and I am impressed what you and the others have managed in post processing ! Great work ! Cheers , Hans