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Interview by Cody Schultz

Photographs mentioned in this interview and others by Igor Doncov appear in the pages after the conversation.

Q. When you introduced yourself to Nature Photographers Network in September of 2018, you wrote of living at the end of World War II in a displaced persons camp where your father, an amateur, "became the resident camp photographer.” You described spending nights with him in the darkroom that he built wherever you traveled, "until color photography came out and then it all stopped.” What sort of impact did this have on you, both as a child and as a photographer, having seen your father so engrossed in this craft?

A. Sometimes I think sons become like their fathers through a process of osmosis. My father never schooled me on photography. I simply observed. My favorite part was seeing the magic that occurred in the developer bath. The emergence of an image from a white sheet of paper always seemed like magic.

I can still remember the films hanging by clothespins and the smell of the fixer bath.

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Igor, I fully enjoyed your article in Nature Vision Magazine as I admire and learn from your images on NPN. Learning a little about your background adds to the human and personal side of getting to know ourselves. You were the first person to introduce me to Chuck Kimmerle’s work in a response to one of my posted images. I also helped thousands of former Russian Jewish and evangelical emigres with obtaining employment who arrived in the U.S between 1975 and the 1990’s. I look forward to continuing to connect with you on NP{N. Larry

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